True story....some years ago ( 20) when I was a game warden in New Mexico, I was on patrol in the northwest part of the state. I had another officer with me in my pickup truck. we were about 50 miles from the nearest paved road traveling thru about 5 inches of snow when we came across a pickup on the side of the road with an OLD Navajo couple sitting on the tailgate with a gas can sitting between them. I mean in the dead of winter, and we had not seen another vehicle in an hour. We pulled up to them, said Hi and ask if we could help. I'm telling you this beautiful couple of 80 or more years, living off the land and a tough life had faces with more wrinkles than an old road map. we offered to take one of them back 50 miles to the nearest gas station. The old man looked at me, then at his wife. He did this about 6 times, each time, the look between them got longer with no words being spoken, until he finally said, " I better not go with you. somebody could come by and steal my wife". I started to protest that it was 20 degrees and we hadn't seen anybody in well over an hour of driving. I got no where. we said Good bye, and drove on our patrol. I've often wondered about the love and commitment in those lovely people...... ( I drove by that place last week...... they were still there...lol,lol,lol. just kidding)
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