Bare Legs and All

Inhale slowly, hold it in, then exhale. The room around me started spinning, faster and faster. My arms reached out to grab anything that would help me keep my balence. My taste buds were still dancing from whatever it was i had just smoked. My...

He Said

Seen on facebook . . .   20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Steve Jobs. Now we have no cash, no hope, and no jobs. Please don't let Kevin Bacon die.

Stupid Ebola Thing

So, we learn Obama might appoint an Ebola Czar.  Say it fast enough and it sounds like a Biblical name.  .......and Ebolaczar begat Panicamok.

Mothers -.-

Mom: "you roll your eyes and talk back to me because you think you're cute." Me: "yeah mom, I totally think i'm cute when I look like i'm having a seizure rolling my eyes."  

Halloween: I Smell Sex AND Candy???

Well, October is here and you know what that means. No, not the leaves turning majestic colors signaling the true start of the Fall season, I'm talking about Halloween. Oh, Halloween, you are by far most (normal, fun loving) people's favorite holiday....

Should we charge animals as adults in a court of law?

Inspired by sweetpaws post...   Two winters ago one Saturday morning as I laid lazily in bed, refusing to get out, enjoying to the fullest my comforters wrapped around me in a burrito type mechanism I created covering me from the tips of my toes...